Proseminar in Geocomputation and Earth Observation

Answering geography and environmental science questions with data


Benjamin Stocker and Pepa Arán


September 13, 2023

About this course

Course description

This course is organised as a semester project in which a data science workflow, using geographical and environmental data, is implemented and presented.

Learning objectives

  • Tell a story with data.
  • Implement a workflow with large geographic and environmental data in R.
  • Perform suitable data processing, visualizing, and modelling steps to support data interpretation and communication.
  • Manage analysis code for long-term reproducibility.

Target audience and prerequisites

Bachelor students in Geography at the University of Bern in their 2nd or 3rd year.

The successful completion of Applied Geodata Science I or equivalent expertise is required.

This course is taught by Prof. Benjamin Stocker and assisted by Dr. Laura Marques and Pepa Arán. The website and collection of learning and data resources is a product of the group for Geocomputation and Earth Observation, Institute of Geography, University of Bern, compiled and curated by Pepa Arán.